Ted Twofer in Fake Names’ List of DC Defining Songs!

Nice to see Ted’s work pop up twice in the new list of 10 Best DC Hardcore Songs curated by the chaps of Fake Names (ex: Minor Threat; Dag Nasty; Embrace; GVSB) in the inclusion of Tommy Keene’s Places That Are Gone EP and production for Fugazi’s Repeater.

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Congrats Ted!

Italian Magazine Rumoré Reminisces On “Repeater” At 30

Hi Folks! Italian publication Rumoré reached out to Fugazi and Ted to discuss Repeater 30 years after its release. I don’t have a full translation but I bet some of you have browser extensions that can translate – or maybe you’re Italian and would like to take a stab at it! In any case, check out the article via the link above, and get a peek at Ted’s answers “in inglese” below! 😉 Matty

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Hi Everybody – Ted’s friend & web wizkid Matty here. Ted’s been going through some major back and spinal issues and he’s approaching surgery for a spinal fusion which is going to have him out of commission for a while. No surprise – medical bills and recovery costs are not cheap. He’s looking to raise $40K and we’d be grateful if you could share, donate, send good thoughts and/or just keep your fingers crossed for our pal Ted! All info is on the GoFundMe page here:


Love, Matty

New Rising Sons’ “Set It Right” Finally Released!

It’s been TWENTY YEARS and I’m so excited to see this have its day. I think this is a really great record and I hope you will too. Can’t wait to see the related documentary “The Band that Never Was” in production with Via 73 Films too!

Set It Right” will be out in a limited vinyl pressing on December 6, 2019 and available via all streaming platforms. Check it out!