New Rising Sons – “Set It Right”
Arctic Rodeo

Documentary in prod by Via 73 Films

“Set It Right” on Arctic Rodeo Recordings

The Hyènes ‎– “Peace And Loud”
A(t)home Records

Gâtechien – “4”
Pyromaine Records

Future Kings of Spain – “Future Kings of Spain”
Red Flag Recording Co.

Girls Against Boys – “You Can’t Fight What You Can’t See”
Jade Tree

Stanford Prison Experiment – “Wrecreation”
Island Records

Shudder to Think – “50,000 B.C.”
Epic Records

Doughboys – “Turn Me On”
A&M Records

Girls Against Boys - House of GVSB

Girls Against Boys – “House of GVSB”
Touch And Go

Treble Magazine on “House of GVSB”

Frente! – “Shape”

Noir Désir – “666.667 Club”

Ruth Ruth – “Laughing Gallery”
American Recordings

Tripping Daisy – “I Am An Elastic Firecracker”
Island Records

Stanford Prison Experiment – “The Gato Hunch”
World Domination Recordings

Shudder to Think – “Pony Express Record”
Dischord Records

Girls Against Boys “Cruise Yourself”
Touch And Go

Jawbox – “For Your Own Special Sweetheart”
Atlantic Records

Fugazi- “In On the Kill Taker”
Dischord Records

Girls Against Boys – “Venus Luxure No. 1 . Baby”
Touch And Go

Noir Désir – “Dies Irae”

High Back Chairs -“Curiosity & Relief”
Dischord Records

Listen on Bandcamp

Noir Désir – “Tostaky”

Dead Milkmen – “Soul Rotation”
Hollywood Records

High Back Chairs“Of Two Minds”
Dischord Records

Fugazi – “Repeater”
Dischord Records

Fugazi EP

Fugazi – EP / “13 Songs”
Dischord Records

Tommy Keene – “Places That Are Gone”
Dolphin Records

Production & Bass Guitar

Tommy Keene – “Strange Alliance”
Avenue Records

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