Ted on The Don’s Hit List Part 4: VIVA LA FRANCE!

Ted and Don talk about hitting France with Girls Against Boys’ Eli Janney to record Dirty Hands and French legends Noir Désir as well as Ted’s pairing with The Dead Milkmen to produce their album “Soul Rotation”. Stream away!! Other pod stream options below 🙂

Ted on The Don’s Hit List Part 3: FUGAZI FUN FACTS!!

Ted and Don talking slinging vinyl behind the register at Yesterday & Today Records, and whipping up some classic punk anthems with Fugazi at Inner Ear and whipping up some stiff peaks of decadent desserts in his Kitchen Maid mixer! Gets yours in the soundcloud link below or sample from our streaming options even lower!

Ted on The Don’s Hit List Session #2: The Tommy Keene Group Years

Here’s the new episode with Don and Ted shootin’ the shit about The Razz taking Ted into the Tommy Keene Group years. Click above or choose your streaming preference below. Post any questions as comments here! xo MATTY