Ted on The Don’s Hit List Part 4: VIVA LA FRANCE!

Ted and Don talk about hitting France with Girls Against Boys’ Eli Janney to record Dirty Hands and French legends Noir Désir as well as Ted’s pairing with The Dead Milkmen to produce their album “Soul Rotation”. Stream away!! Other pod stream options below 🙂

Ted on The Don’s Hit List Part 3: FUGAZI FUN FACTS!!

Ted and Don talking slinging vinyl behind the register at Yesterday & Today Records, and whipping up some classic punk anthems with Fugazi at Inner Ear and whipping up some stiff peaks of decadent desserts in his Kitchen Maid mixer! Gets yours in the soundcloud link below or sample from our streaming options even lower!

Ted on The Don’s Hit List Session #2: The Tommy Keene Group Years

Here’s the new episode with Don and Ted shootin’ the shit about The Razz taking Ted into the Tommy Keene Group years. Click above or choose your streaming preference below. Post any questions as comments here! xo MATTY

Ted’s 7 Week Interview Series with The Don’s Hit List on FAB Radio International!

Hey everybody! Very excited to announce Ted’s seven week series on the Don’s Hit List on FAB Radio International which will air this Saturday September 26, 2020.

Session one starts right at the beginning in a young Ted’s childhood bedroom having a musical awakening to the Marcels’ “Blue Moon” and in true origin story format, follows the path of “wish-you-were-there” shows he caught with his brother that led him to his own performance glory with fabled DC band, The Razz (subject of an upcoming documentary). The first installment will debut on FAB Radio International on Saturday September 26th at 3pm in the UK, 10am Eastern, 7am Pacific with an encore presentation at 10pm in the UK, 5pm Eastern, 2pm Pacific – all shows will be available for streaming after airing live.


  • Session 1: September 26th
    • Where it all began
    • Musical schooling
    • Rise to prominence with The Razz
  • Session 2: October 3rd
    • The Tommy Keene Band years 
      • Stories about T-Bone Burnett and Geoff Emerick (Engineered The Beatles “Revolver”, “Sgt. Peppers Hearts Club Band”, “Abbey Road”).  
  • Session 3: October 10th    
    • The world renowned Yesterday and Today Record Store
    • Becoming a chef 
    • Fugazi 
  • Session 4: October 17th
    • ‘…and then I went to France” 
      • Producing Dirty Hands and Noir Désir with Eli Janney 
      • Hearing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana for the first time and how Ted knew this was going to change the landscape of music 
      • Producing The Dead Milkmen “Soul Rotation” 
  • Session 5: October 24th 
    • High Back Chairs “Share” from the album “Curiosity and Relief” 
    • Producing Noir Désir “666.667 Club”
      • The album was certified double platinum in France on 17 September 1997. The French edition of Rolling Stone magazine named this album the 12th greatest French rock album (out of 100).
    • In depth discussion on producing GVSB (Girls Against Boys).  
  • Session 6: October 31st
    • Jawbox “For Your Own Special Sweetheart”
    • Shudder To Think “Pony Express Record” & “50,000 BC”) 
    • Stanford Prison Experiment “The Gato Hunch” & “Wrecreation”
    • Tripping Daisy “I Am An Elastic Firecracker” 
  • Session 7: November 7th
    • Ruth Ruth “Laughing Gallery” 
    • Doughboys “Turn Me On” 
    • Future Kings Of Spain 
    • New Rising Sons “Set It Right” 
    • Final Thoughts 

Follow any of the following platforms to find the series streaming after airdate:


Ted on Performance Anxiety!

Get comfy and settle in to check out Ted’s chat with Marc Shea this week on Performance Anxiety! Two glorious hours of Ted shooting the shit about work, Tommy Keene, Luther Vandross and letting Mick Jagger be your barometer for flight safety – check it here or wherever you get your podcasts!

“We are lucky enough to spend an evening with producer and chef, Ted Niceley. Ted talks about issues flying, working with artists like Tommy Keene, Fugazi, Shudder To Think, Girls Against Boys, The Dead Milkmen, & so many more. He also tells us about some lesser known bands that you should know about like New Rising Sons, Future Kings of Spain, & Backbone Party. He’s recorded in David Gilmour’s mansion, with Mickie Most’s Gibson J200 that Donovan used to record Mellow Yellow, and had Luther Vandross in the booth with him. And we haven’t even mentioned his culinary career, yet. Follow him on social media for great music and delicious food! Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Subscribe, rate, review, & leave a review. And check out the other great shows on the Pantheon Podcast network.”